Meet the Boot Camp Team

At ESMT Berlin Coding Boot Camp, we know that the instruction and support you receive can make or break your learning experience. For that reason, we put great importance on our team selection. We employ instructors who have a minimum of three to five years of experience in the field in order to best simulate real-life working environments in the classroom.

Learn about a few of our team members below.

Benjamin Lorch

Student Success Director

Bio: Benjamin manages the ESMT boot camp experience. He works closely with instructors and teaching assistants to ensure that every student has the resources and support they need to learn new digital skills and advance their knowledge. He also teams with Roos Jansen, ESMT Berlin Coding Boot Camp Career Director, to make sure that all participants are ready for their next professional challenge whether that is a more exciting job or taking the next steps needed to launch a start-up or grow a new business.

Roos Jansen

Career Director

Bio: Roos is passionate about people and their professional and personal development. She works closely with ESMT boot camp students to develop the job seeking skills and mindset needed to take the next step. Roos conducts workshops and provides support to strengthen job searching skills as well as networking and interviewing chops for each cohort. A life and purpose coach, Roos knows people and organisational dynamics and works with clients to ensure the highest levels of professional and personal satisfaction.

Tony Saad

Full Stack Instructor

Bio: Tony is a full-stack programmer and instructor with deep international experience. He has been coding since he was a kid, always staying current with changes in the industry and the latest tools. Berlin is just one of the places Tony writes code. He also has experience working in teams from Singapore, Munich, Dubai, Cairo and New York. His specialties include front-end engineering, information architecture and UX design. Tony also has a special interest in prototyping.

Nick Barniville

Associate Dean of Degree Programs & Director of EdTech Lab

Bio: Nick is responsible for the management and development of the ESMT’s Executive MBA, MBA, Master’s and blended learning portfolio, and for internationalization and partnership activities. Nick also develops and launches new programs for ESMT Berlin, and is responsible for the introduction of the Full-Stack Coding Boot Camp to the school.